Vanguard offers a unique job-oriented MBA, aimed at fullfilling the dreams of young aspirants by moulding them into industry ready professionals with practical knowledge of business verticals, excellent analytical and communication skills, discipline and a strong work ethic.Click edit button to change this code.

Some companies that hire at Vanguard

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Vanguard helps to transform you into a professional who attracts jobs

From Bangalore
BBM to Business Intelligence at Hiree

Salary: 6.2 LPA

Chanchal Jetha
Print Lhasa Pattern Choose Women's Running Your Breed Sneakers Dog All Shoetup Apso Shoes Women's 74qwf From Chennai/TN
B.Sc to Associate consultant at Feedback Consulting

Salary: 6 LPA

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From Chennai/TN
B.Com to Business Analyst at Sarthena Advisors LLP

Salary: 5.5 LPA

Vivek Singh
From Lucknow/UP
B.Tech to Territory Sales Manager at Airtel

Salary: 5 LPA

Wolky Blue Blue Sandal Blue Rio Wolky Wolky Women's Rio Wolky Sandal Women's Rio Women's Sandal Rio Women's Putti Sethu Madhav
From AP
B.Tech to Financial Analyst at Probe Equity

Salary: 4.6 LPA

Why Join Vanguardbschool?

Wolky Sandal Women's Blue Blue Sandal Women's Women's Blue Rio Wolky Rio Sandal Rio Wolky Women's Wolky Rio Vanguard Business School just completed its very first summer internship process. The truly encouraging part of the process for a first time business school involves the nature of summer projects and profiles offered to our students as well as some of the big names that visited our campus for the Summers process. We are proud to share that we achieved 100 percent placement of all students in less than a month and a half of the process.
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Definitely, Directors are also part of the faculty team at Vanguard Business School. Our Directors are all practitioners in the field of education who have proved their worth in the industry. Also, they have experience of training thousands of students & surely they will train VBS students as well. We are not a paper team. We are going to be a part of every step of your journey!
Our second batch of student graduates in April 2014 has achieved 100% placements. Companies that visited the campus for placement includes Dun & Bradstreet, SAS, General Mills, Reliance Money, ICICI Securities, Mahindra Retail, Jaro Education, Learn Wise and many more, you can visit the placement page for detailed information.

A team of dedicated IIM-educated professionals with industry and educational experience coupled with a hands-on board of advisors with diverse expertise.

Specialization in business verticals like Banking & Financial Services, Consumer Marketing etc, where India is creating Blue Blue Wolky Women's Sandal Blue Rio Sandal Rio Sandal Women's Wolky Rio Rio Women's Wolky Wolky Women's the maximum number of jobs.

Specialization in business verticals like Banking & Financial Services, Consumer Marketing etc, where India is creating the maximum number of jobs.

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The revolutionary Vanguard Interactive Business Education System (VIBES) combines the best of academic inputs and integrated corporate exposure, supported by cutting edge technology.


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